Fairy-tale inspired ice-creams make an enchanting debut at Häagen-Dazs Japan

Fairy-tale endings are thankfully not only elements of the fictional world. Only recently, Häagen-Dazs Japan announced a fascinating range of ice-creams labelled “Story Time” which draws copious amounts of inspiration from our evergreen fairy-tales.

The first debutante in this collection is the exotic Snow White’s Apple with Custard. The detailing is what has got us truly engrossed. The tub entails delightful imagery of a castle, an enchanted forest and a glossy red apple. This flavour entails a concoction which originates with smooth custard ice-cream topped with red apple sauce and finished with tiny apple pieces.

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Featuring next is Alice’s Tea Garnished with Cookies, which of course, reflects Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. To add to the appeal, fans will be able to select details like playing cards and a tea cup. This indulgent fairy tale-inspired ice cream flavour is an intriguing blend between a Darjeeling-flavoured ice cream and mascarpone ice cream, butter cookie pieces and a top layer of white milk sauce.

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Each tub is priced at 324 yen (USD 3) and can be found in stores come October 2.


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