Fine dining in the pandemic – A Swedish couple has opened the worlds smallest resturant it seats on and is in the middle of a beautiful meadow

The lockdown has made food connoisseurs sorely miss restaurants. And while dining outside may still not be a wise idea, it’s of little harm if done alone and in an atmosphere of complete safety. Making this happen for you is a couple (Linda Karlsson and her husband Rasmus Persson) residing in the county of Värmland in west-central Sweden with their recently opened a one-seat restaurant in a meadow outside their house.

Christened, Bord för En, which literally translates to “Table for One”, the restaurant will offer home-cooked food with zero contact. A singular guest will be hosted at a one-table restaurant, with the food being delivered via a picnic basket sent down a rope (with the help of an old bicycle wheel) from the couple’s kitchen window.

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Those interested can make reservations from 10 a.m. to 10:45 p.m. with an option to choose from a three-course breakfast, lunch, or dinner. All the meals served will be purely vegetarian and will be offered alongside a mocktail made with locally farmed seasonal ingredients like elderflower and strawberries, and non-alcoholic Seedlip.

Commenting on the innovative set-up, Linda said, “For us, this is the ideal concept for eating,” while further adding, “No social distractions from the taste—only you and your food.” Well, if you’re in Sweden and are aching to have a restaurant cooked meal, you know where to head!

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