Forget the 3 Michelin stars – Disneyland California is offering a truly magical 7-course meal that costs $15,000 per person

The thought of eating at Disneyland may conjure up images of portable salty snacks and kid-friendly sugary treats, but Disney’s California park is actually home t 21 Royal, a restaurant that serves up a truly exorbitant 7 course meal worth a whopping $15,000. The restaurant itself has a lavish, Empire style décor complete with lots of gold, regal art and chandeliers; you’ll feel like you’re in one of the dining rooms of a Disney castle instead!

So what’s on the menu at this food palace? The seven course feast begins with signature cocktails served by butlers. This is followed by time to mingle and explore the grand rooms and décor of the restaurant after which you are guided to your table in preparation for those thousand dollar dishes. The meals themselves are crafted by a team of Disneyland Resort Signature Chefs and an expert sommelier. Dishes served as part of this menu include a king crab and Osetra caviar starter, a seafood soup with Santa Barbara spot prawn, red abalone, and Kona kampachi, Wagyu pastrami and curried pheasant.

The meal concludes with dessert on the restaurant’s private balcony that affords prime views of Disneyland by night. For the price of $15,000, the restaurant offers a fine dining experience for 12 guests plus an array of wines and happy memories made as you look down at the Rivers of America. Fine food aside, it’s the hospitality and memories that remain part of the Disney tradition at every price point.


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