Get ready to sip on the world’s most expensive coffee in Dubai

Coffee connoisseurs have serious stuff to watch out for, especially if they’re based out of Dubai. In an endeavor to tempt brown-bean lovers world over, a firm by the name of Seven Fortunes Coffee Roasters in Al Quoz is all set to bring the infamous Panama Hacienda La Esmeralda Canas Verdes to their doorstep. The exclusive coffee currently holds the record for being the most expensive in the world, thus making its sale Dubai that much more exciting!

The Canas Verdes takes pride in being a naturally processed ‘Geisha’ variety, one of the most renowned in the coffee community. It was recently sold for a whopping of US$1324.96 (Dh4866.58) per kilogram at the ‘Best of Panama Specialty Coffee auction’, making it the record breaking variety that it currently is. Only 45.5 kilograms of the Canas Verdes are available in the world, with aficionados now standing a chance to score some in Dubai!

The special coffee sale will form part of the 601 Experience, tickets for which are currently retailing at Dh250 and Dh550. For Dh250, the guest will receive 15 grams of roasted Esmeralda Geisha Canas Verdes and entry to the event with a free plus-one entry, whereas for the latter, they can additionally get their hands on 50 grams of the coffee in bean form. The exclusive event at Seven Fortunes Coffee Roasters will take place on September 30th. Ready to score the most exotic coffee in the world?


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