Inception-inspired wave city coffee table could get your movie geek on

This coffee table brings the best of Christopher Nolan’s imagination to the real world. Inspired by cult flick, Inception, this cool coffee table appears to be the suspended city from the movie. While it is not built out of mind material, this very tangible table is designed by Stellos Mousarris, a Cyprus-based designer. What begins at floor level, bends elegantly to form the table top that has the intricacies under it.

The table is made from wood and steel and leverages 3D printing technology that helps detail out the skyscrapers that define the urban skyline that flanks a walkway. The design is very consistent other than the fact that it folds onto itself in a beautiful arch. The carving on each of the buildings is meticulous and looks well inspired by real counterparts.
One may wonder how the artist constructed this one. Managing the angles at the crooks could be a challenge but this piece looks rather well detailed and flawless in consistency. One thing’s for sure though. As you sip your coffee over this one, you would do best to avoid sliding your feet under the table. You could end up knocking some buildings over that way.



[ Via : Designboom ]

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