Harrods and Dalmore collaborate to launch the $1.5 million Paterson Collection

What could you possibly expect when two dynamic brands set out to create a truly unique collection of rare whiskies? Brilliance, isn’t it? The world renowned luxury retailer – Harrods, and one of the finest malt whisky brand – The Dalmore, have concocted together one-of-its-kinds whiskies. The collection numbers to a total of 12 bottles, each a rare expression that has been individually assessed, nosed, tasted and selected by master distiller Richard Paterson. Every element related to The Dalmore Paterson Collection of rare whiskies has been given special attention.

Starting from the wooden cabinet the collection comes in, to the elegantly created silver collar and stag that adorns each bottle.

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Giving his creation the credibility it deserves, Paterson has also named each whisky in honor of the people who have inspired and influenced him throughout his career. This includes founders of The Dalmore parent company – James Whyte and Charles Mackay.

The distiller has also gone a step further with the collection, accompanying with it a personally written account of over 200 pages of his thoughts while creating the collection. This ledger of Richard’s thoughts comes along with the collection, bound in the finest calfskin leather.

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The Dalmore Paterson Collection is already for sale at Harrods, placed in the newly refurbished Fine Spirits Room for £987,500 ($1,492,500).


[Via – Harrods and The-Dalmore]