Harrods brings back its limited-edition manuka honey for an eye-watering price of $3600 a jar

When life offers lemons make lemonade; and when life offers manuka honey, break a vault to pay! Honey-lovers living in the UK and shopping in Harrods need to bring the big bucks out if they want to savor the sweet taste of the most prized honey in the world. Only last year manuka honey made its debut at Harrods in London and with a hefty price tag of $1800 it flew off the shelves. This year too, the True Honey Company is back with a batch of 200 jars exclusively sold to Harrods in London, fetching almost $3600 a pop. The price was already excruciatingly high but this batch costs, even more, owing to its high unique manuka factor (UMF) rating – on the scale of manuka purity, the batched scored an amazing 33. This makes the honey rarer and pricier than ever, but there’s a clear market for the ‘liquid gold’ that gets wounds healing and soothes sore throats in addition to boasting a smooth, buttery consistency and delightfully sweet taste. True Honey Company founder and CEO Jim McMillan says, “As far as we’re aware, it’s the highest grade manuka honey that’s ever been produced in the world. It equates to roughly $22,000 per kilogram basically”.

Harrods sells this spectacular miracle of nature as a gluten-free, nut-free variety, made in New Zealand and presented in a striking white flower-shaped box. 230g of 1900+ MGO Manuka Honey is selling for £2,595 (nearly $3600).

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[Available at: Harrods]

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