Here is what one pays to dine at the 11 most expensive restaurants in the USA

While most may be satisfied with a $5 meal at the corner Chipotles, some of us admit to dressing up in our favourite couture and wining and dining at the country’s finest. With the most expensive restaurant in the Big Apple and a large portion of diners dotted in Chicago and Las Vegas, a meal could easily cost you $500-$1000, if you have the notes to flaunt.

Many of the following restaurants are famous for their exclusivity, exotic locations, rare foods, and unique atmospheres. These hot spots offer more than meals; they offer once-in-a-lifetime dining “experiences.” Many of these restaurants draw much of their prestige because they have been awarded Michelin stars.

The below have been shortlisted by the Daily Meal.

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11. Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, Brooklyn
Cost: $450
Mr. Ramirez is the chef at the Chef’s Table at Brooklyn Fare, on Schermerhorn Street in Downtown Brooklyn. His food is French and Japanese and Italian, made on expensive stoves in expensive pots, and served on luxe china over place mats and stainless steel, in a kitchen next door to a supermarket on a forlorn block in Brooklyn. We recommend the the bite of octopus with a coin of palm heart cooked in extra-strength dashi and the Langoustine tempura with Iranian saffron.

10. Mélisse, Los Angeles
Cost: $468
Josiah Citrin’s Santa Monica holdout of fine dining is now 14 years old, and benefits from being both that young and that old. As you might imagine, everything is presented with a flourish, from the cocktails to bread service to Citrin’s modern French food, which relies far more on old-fashioned technique and bold flavors than on science or whiz-bang tricks to keep your attention. For the high rollers, there’s a seasonally available truffle menu and numerous supplements, from a cheese course to Russian caviar to wine.

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9. Victoria & Albert’s, Lake Buena Vista, Fla.
Cost: $552
Victoria & Albert’s is an excellent example of “making do” with what they are given. With a a great focus on service, they are able to provide a dining experience that would rival any Michelin Star restaurant. If the Michelin guide came to Orlando, without a doubt they would garner at least one star.

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