L’Occitane and Pierre Hermé debut a fabulous interactive shared store in Paris

L’Occitane and Pierre Hermé are known for two very different things: beauty and pastry. But the brands are putting their heads together to create a shared store that with bring together the best of what they have to offer.

The store is to be located on Paris’ luxury shopping mecca: Champs Élysées. 86 Champs will offer a three part experience beginning with a dessert bar where you can sample sweet treats and watch live pâtisserie demonstrations.

The second part is fulfilled by a coffee station which allows guests the opportunity to discover the art of coffee according to pastry maestro Pierre Hermé while the third element of the gastronomic experience is a restaurant that serves savory items that can refresh the palate between desserts.

Meanwhile, L’Occitane will be present through their interactive, in-store perfumery and scent installation which lends an aromatic twist to the dining experience.

Designed by Laura Gonzalez, the space has been designed to be interactive and uses a colors like green, pink blush and orange cream drawing on a palette inspired by the paintings of Cezanne.

Meanwhile outside the store, guests are greeted by a garden filled with aromatic verbena, cherry blossom and almond trees.


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