London will gets its own Bacchenalian dining event inspired by hedonism and excess

The Greek God Dionysus is the inspiration behind a new and exciting dining experience in London called Divine Proportions. Dionysus is associated with wine and theatre and excess, so this dining experience promises to be a fittingly excessive five course banquet with plenty of entertainment in the form of a host, dancers and costumed entertainers.

So what’s on the menu for this bacchenalian after-hours party? Begin with a board of sourdough focaccia with dips and accompaniments followed by a course of juniper and beetroot cured salmon (or melon, presumably for vegetarians/vegans) with a seaweed salad, pickled cucumber and fennel, puffed amaranth and toasted sesame. Next is a main course of poached guinea fowl (or courgette) with celeriac, orange and saffron purée served with carmel potatoes, honey glazed carrots and cabbage hearts.

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Then a limoncello jelly acts as a palate cleanser before the meal concludes with a dessert of caramelized white chocolate with coconut milk, honey ganache, raspberry coulis and a pistachio granola.

While the meal seems promising, we’re more enticed by the entertainment which includes a host dressed as Dionysus himself as well as performers dressed like priestesses and mythical creatures, alongside a theatrically designed set and plenty of merrymaking.

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