Perrier Jouët unveils limited edition chill case designed by Benjamin Graindorge

Perrier-Jouët is already well known for their intricate and sometimes over-the-top bottle designs. From Swarovki studded bling to refined and delicate designs this brand certainly has range. Now Perrier Jouët has roped in French designer Benjamin Graindorge to create elegant limited edition chill cases for their Grand Brut and Blason Rosé cuvees. Called the Perrier-Jouët InBloom Fresh Boxes, the chill cases draw inspiration from flowers on the cusp of blooming. Just as the shape of a bud protects the tender new flower so the Perrier-Jouët InBloom Fresh Box embraces a bottle of Grand Brut or Blason Rosé champagne.

The case supposedly keeps the beverage at the ideal temperature for consumption, and the exterior colors of the chill cases are selected to echo the colors of the label design on the bottles.

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perrier-jouet-grand-brut-inbloom-gift-box-2Speaking on the design, Benjamin Graindorge said, “I like to imagine the Perrier-Jouët InBloom Fresh Box protecting its precious sap like a bud enveloped in mystery, ready to open and reveal a flower’s fragile petals. Then, the InBloom Fresh Box vanishes, revealing in its place Perrier-Jouët champagne.”
You can buy the In Bloom chill case for $99 from

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[Via – Luxury-Insider]

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