Shanghai’s newest Bulgari store flaunts a façade made of recycled champagne bottles. It truly is a sight to behold

The Bulgari brand has been making the world stunning for decades now. It was Bulgari’s turn to get a makeover this time, and it looked dazzling. Keeping up with the Christmas spirit, Dutch firm MVRDV has given Bulgari a green-hued facelift that makes the facade of the luxury retailer’s new Shanghai flagship look like it’s embedded with emeralds. Yes, it only looks like it’s embedded with some green-hued gems, which in reality are recycled champagne bottles. The recycled glass holds an uncanny resemblance to jade and is skillfully fitted within an art deco brass frame.

The new Bulgari store opened up in Shanghai Plaza 66 and is a stunning visual for shoppers who can’t miss the glistening view. The glass sourced from recycled champagne, beer, and other glass bottles not only successfully demonstrate the potential use of sustainable recycled materials in luxury; it effectively breathes life into the Art Deco motifs inspired from the original Bulgari store in Rome. Archinect shared the statement of the architects: “The glass is completely recycled, produced at the Magna factory in Teutschenthal, Germany, which specializes in glass treatment. The project demonstrates the potential of sustainable recycled materials, even in luxury contexts, and takes one step towards MVRDV and Bulgari’s goal of store designs that are built using 100% circular economy materials.”

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MVRDV’s Instagram post reveals the idea, process, and results of a dedicated design team headed by co-founder Jacob van Rijs, who talks in detail about the design process behind the Bulgari façade project! He added, “Our collaboration with Bulgari has yielded some fascinating material experiments. It’s a passion we share with them, albeit in different design disciplines. The Shanghai store encapsulates the value of these experiments: given the right treatment and detailing, leftover champagne and beer bottles, which would otherwise be thrown away, become a jewel for the city.”

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[Via: Designboom]

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