Pierre Marcolini and Kitsuné have created the chocolate box of your dreams

Haute chocolatier Pierre Marcolini has embarked on an exciting new collaboration with Maison Kitsuné a fashion and music label. Together the brands will create a Bento box inspired box of chocolates which slides open to reveal ten heart shaped chocolates in different colors and a range of Pierre Marcolini classics or a selection of macaroons from the famed confectioner. The box features traditional trimmings including tengui fabric and a furoshiki bow.

The packaging is as adorable as can be expected with an illustrated fox on the front and a yellow and white striped exterior. Valentine’s Day may be long past but you can surely still win hearts with this swoon worthy box of chocolates!

From the 7th of April onwards, the box will be available for pre order at Colette in Paris, but you will have to pick up your sweet treats yourself as Colette will not ship or deliver the product. Alternatively you can purchase it from April 22nd onwards at any Pierre Marcolini store or Kitsuné store or café in Paris.

The bento candy box will set you back by about $45.

[Available at Colette]

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