Royal Salute has blended an exclusive $10,000 whiskey for the Royal Wedding

The list of limited edition products created in honor of the Royal Wedding keeps getting longer as we inch closer to the wedding day. Royal Salute, a Scotch whisky brand owned by the Chivas brothers have announced the Royal Salute Royal Wedding Edition, a special expression created in honor of the happy occasion. Only 70 bottles have been created, with each one priced at $10,000.

This is the first blend from Royal Salute that has been fully matured in American Oak casks – a tribute of course to the American bride Meghan Markle. The edition blends malt whiskies aged, 55, 36 and 33 years old, with the latter two corresponding to the current ages of the royal couple. The blend has been bottled in individually numbered Dartington crystal decanters decorated with roses (the Queen’s favorite flower), thistles (significant to Scotland) and barley (representing Scottish whiskey), as well as daffodils and California poppies to represent the couple themselves.

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The decanter is presented in a handcrafted American oak box with a floral interior. “Since its creation in 1953 in honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s coronation, Royal Salute has enjoyed a long and proud heritage of celebrating historic British royal events,” said brand ambassador The Duke of Argyll. “We believe this remarkable new blend is a perfect tribute to such a special moment in history.”

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