Serving accountants only – Trendy California pop up restaurants with a vapourised menu and lots of bubbly

You can understand the seriousness of the food revolution when it gets scientific, and mathematical. Now let us enter a labyrinth of intelligence: you are an accountant based in California. You are very good at your job, which is leveraged and supported by the user-friendly, convenient, effective and most importantly time-saving software known as QuickBooks. This is an accounting software package developed and marketed by an American software company called Intuit Inc. The company held a unique dining experience called ASSET in Los Angeles and San Francisco this month. ASSET is a dining experience that offers a menu which consists of dishes that were inspired by the time-saving features of the QuickBooks Online Accountant subscribers.

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The choice of cuisine that ASSET, an accountants-only pop up restaurant, offered to the 500 odd QuickBooks Online Accountant subscribers was innovative molecular gastronomy. The menu had five courses including a liquid nitrogen ice cream dessert. The menu items were a symbolic representation of the skills that the accountants use, and in the efficient and smooth flow of work it generates. The guests were sent email and hand-delivered invitations urging them to not miss this ‘one-of-a-kind’ appreciation meal – to keep away their abacus and take a break – or how they termed the initiative as ‘Pens Down, Bottoms Up’. And on that note, I need to take a break and have a one-footer Sub to wash away all the vapours that is clouding my giant’s appetite.
Pop-Up Restaurant for Accountants 2

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Pop-Up Restaurant for Accountants 3

Pop-Up Restaurant for Accountants 4

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