Come 2024, there will be a Michelin Guide for fine hotels around the world. The restaurant reviewer will denote excellence with keys instead of stars.

The Hotel La Palma, Capri.

Everyone loves stars on their report cards, and it’s time hotels around the globe got them, too. The Michelin Guide is doing precisely that and ensuring hotels buckle up for the ‘Michelin Key’ only if they are worthy of patronage. In a press release, Michelin Guide officials announced the new system of recognizing incredible hotels worldwide, which will launch in 2024. The following year will begin with a stir as a list of hotels is revealed at a ceremony in the first half.

The Amangiri in Utah, USA.

According to Bloomberg, the keys will be allocated based on the fulfillment of five-step criteria: having a local character, individuality, excellence in architecture and interior design, top-notch service and comfort, and consistent value-for-price. “The MICHELIN Key is a clear, reliable indication for travelers,” said Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the Michelin Guide.

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The Amangiri in Utah, USA.

“Just as the MICHELIN Star distinguishes those restaurants that are at the peak of their art, the MICHELIN Key recognizes the most exceptional hotels throughout the world,” Poullennec added. The team at Michelin was clearly very busy, having curated a preselected list of some 5,300 hotels from 120 countries across the globe that feature in the Michelin Guide.. ‘In an industry saturated with questionably trustworthy endorsements, the Michelin Guide offers its expertise to travelers to guide them toward only the very best experiences,’ stated the press release.

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