The world’s first NFT restaurant is all set to open in upstate New York. You can dine only after buying a membership NFT.

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NFT’s are becoming omnipresent. After scrambling the financial world and giving the art world a makeover that looks seemingly permanent, NFT is making a foray into the food world too. The world’s first NFT restaurant’ will open in New York and is dubbed the Flyfish Club. What should one expect from the world’s first NFT restaurant? Will it serve food that one can see and salivate after but not eat? That’s pretty much like the gorgeous dresses that put Selfridges on the map as the world’s first retailer to sell NFT’s of Paco Rabanne’s dresses. You can see them, love them and appreciate them even be its owner but not don them!

Thankfully, the case with the NFT restaurant Flyfish Club is a bit different. The food served here will be tangible, tasty, and tantalizing. So, where does NFT feature in this food arrangement that so far sounds pretty ordinary? To savor the lip-smacking seafood menu and let loose at the cocktail bar, you must buy the membership in NFT’s. You won’t need thousands of dollars but only cryptocurrency to purchase a membership. For regular membership, food connoisseurs will need to shell out 2.5 Ethereum and 4.25 Ethereum for the premium. With the fluctuating nature of crypto, it’s hard to say how much this comes up to in US dollars, but it’s approximately $8,271 or $12,209, respectively.

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VCR has sold 1,501 to date and has a further 1,534 reserved for the company—but the existing tokens can be leased or resold on the secondary market. Once you are proud of this exclusive 10,000square-foot eatery, you will have open access to various pop-ups, an outdoor lounge, cocktail lounge, and main dining area, which will be a 150-seat space and features an open kitchen design. Only members of the esteemed premium membership will revel in the Omakase Room, a 14-seater area with a master sushi chef creating dishes from the fish flown in daily from Japan (why not give the NFT-loving regular members images of these dishes as a doggy-bag- NFT?).

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Come 2023, and the Flyfish Club will be a physical restaurant somewhere in upstate New York “designed by a leading architect in one of the most beautiful buildings that exist. The space will be both intimate and airy, with high ceilings, special views, and curated moments throughout,” reads the description on the website according to National News. The day is not far when no NFT will also mean No-Food-Then! The ear of NFT has dawned, and we all need to gear up and learn the rules of the game.

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