Fancy a $150,000 dress that you can never wear? Selfridges has become the world’s first retailer to sell NFT’s of Paco Rabanne’s dresses.

NFT’s, you hate them, you like them, but you can’t ignore them, not even at Selfridges! Jumping on the ever-expanding bandwagon of tech is London’s most iconic luxury department store. Selfridges will become the world’s first retailer to sell a range of NFT’s by legendary Spanish designer Paco Rabanne. In addition to the designer garbs, the pop-up will feature artwork by Victor Vasarely and new physical pieces from designer brand Paco Rabanne inspired by Vasarely’s work. The owner will walk back home not with shopping bags full of dresses but empty bags with a dress in digital form only. These dresses will sell for anywhere between $2700 to more than $150,000.

The collaboration will release at least 1,800 NFTs allowing the digital versions to be worn on multiple virtual platforms. The unwearable NFT’s will include some fascinating numbers from 1960s archival designs that were never produced. According to Daily Mail, Sebastian Manes, Selfridges’s executive buying and merchandising director, said: ‘As Selfridges looks to the future, we continue to find inspiration in the past. In the case of Victor Vasarely and Paco Rabanne, we have more than fifty years of proposals for the future to explore. I love the idea of bringing Vasarely’s art to a social space like Selfridges – alongside the distinct identity of Paco Rabanne — and using their vision as a way to bring emotion, connection, and accessibility to the experience.’

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The NFTs will drop between 28 January and 12 March, and the funds raised will go to the Foundation Vasarely Museum in Aix-en-Provence, the artist’s archive that houses and restores works.

[Via: Vogue Business]

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