Hermès has opened the world’s first women’s shoe boutique and repair service store in Osaka, Japan

Hermès is hugely popular in China, and it is going to officially open the world’s first women’s shoe store Hermès Shoes Boutique, in Osaka, Japan. The French luxury goods giant is also opening up a dedicated repair shop specializing in product maintenance and care services, with brand artisans available to help esteemed customers promptly. The women’s shoes gallery is located on the 4th floor of the Hankyu Department Store Umeda Main Store, and the Hermès Aftersales Counter is on the second floor of the East Building of Hilton Plaza Osaka. The world’s first women’s shoe store Hermès Shoes Boutique, is an inviting space designed to keep the openness and clear view of all things beautiful in mind. The open space design and bright lighting render a luxe appeal and will help to attract a wider audience. Hermes Japan’s official website pointed out that this brand new boutique will center on the latest product series and provide a rich selection of shoes. “I hope to show consumers the meticulous workmanship and brand story of Hermès products through women’s shoes.”

Though smaller in scale, the Osaka store bears a similar vibe to the grand to the Hermes store on Omotesando Street, Tokyo. Designed by Parisian studio RDAI, the 488-square-meter store is the first freestanding Hermès outlet in Tokyo.

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[Via Hermes]

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