Robotic Acrobatics: Robo Murata Seiko-chan rides unicycle

At cost of reducing high-tech to a circus performance, Japanese firm Murata has developed a robot that can balance itself on a unicycle. The 20″tall robot called Murata Seiko-chan can ride a unicycle with much aplomb and does a better job than most of us here. Modeled on a female kindergartener, the robot features a pair of gyro sensors that detect her posture and angle. A single wheel moves the robot forward and back, and a rotating flywheel in the chest helps turn the unicycle left and right and maintain balance. Ultrasonic sensors detect and help deviate from potential obstacles.

Other specs on the Murata Seiko-chan include Bluetooth capabilities and an embedded camera that transmits live video. Apparently this bot is Seisaku-kun’s (Murata Boy, an earlier popular bot) younger paternal cousin. This what the company has to say about her: “Born in Shiga prefecture on September 23 (and thus a Virgo), the “active but very shy” robot enjoys practicing her unicycle skills in the park. Her dream is to cycle the world with Seisaku-kun.”
Seiko-chan will ride alongside Seisaku-Kun at Japan’s upcoming CEATEC trade show.

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