World’s first Sauna Tram unveiled at a spa resort in Italy

Life for most people has become quite a roller coaster ride, where everybody in a penchant hurry to get to some place and get some important work done. And if you can avoid it, most people would actually steer clear of the overcrowded public transport system. But makers of Italian public transport company QC Termemilano want you to know how relaxing a ride in a tram can actually be! For this experiment, they have come up with the world’s first tram sauna.

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Although its looks like a run-of-the-mill tram on the outside, the tram features hot coals, wooden benches, and a full view of the surroundings, because of open windows. And don’t you worry about being skimpily clad on a train, the tam runs in the middle of an actual spa complex. It runs on its own track but it won’t lead you any place real.

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