The world’s oldest barrel-aged cognac is selling for $32,000

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Making celebrations timeless is Hermitage Cognac with its incredible 100-year-old expression. Worth an eye-watering $31,693, only 68 one-liter decanters of this aged elixir are available. Named Siècle d’Or, after France’s Golden Century, the exceptional cognac is the result of unparalleled ingredients. Crafted from Ugni Blanc grapes from the Lignières Sonneville region of Grande Champagne, the cognac is enriched using traditional copper alembic Charentais stills and bottled at 40.5% ABV.

Via Facebook / @Hermitage Cognac

Hermitage Siècle d’Or is presented in Cumbrian crystal decanters, painstakingly handmade in the UK, inscribed with gold leaf, and numbered individually. The collectible comes in a wooden presentation box, with a letter from Hermitage Cognac’s founder and chairman David Baker, revealing information on the cognac.

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David Baker said, “It is one of only a very small quantity of Cognac aged in cellars in the heart of the premier cru of Cognac known as Grande Champagne. Untouched and unblended, this vintage Cognac has aged for 100 years in Limousin oak barrels. This exceptionally long aging period has created a wide complexity of rich flavors and aromas, common only with the finest and oldest Cognacs.”

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Untouched and unblended for a century, the taste is superlative with an unmatched balance and depth of flavor. Cocoa, burnt toffee, mushroom, ginger, candied fruit, and kumquat release a rich intensity found only in the rarest of cognacs.

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