This conceptual Framescape Greenhouse Restaurant will serve dishy views of Iceland’s natural sites along with delicious meals

Forget a room with a view; the Framescape Greenhouse Restaurant by Heffrence Teow gives us chances of ‘food with a view.’ What you will glimpse will baffle you- whether it is the scenic surrounding, the food on your table, or the sheer experience of being there. It is enchanting to witness a simple geometric volume beautifully translate the ‘Farm-to-Table’ ideology into an immersive architectural experience. ‘The amalgamation of a restaurant with a greenhouse is an act of celebrating food – especially in places like Iceland, whereby locally grown food is a rarity. It becomes a symbol of appreciation and raises awareness around our consumption. Furthermore, by integrating the ‘behind the scenes process of food production as part of the visitor experience — meandering around the farm before reaching their seats — it creates an immersive environment by adding context and background to the meal served at one’s table,’ shared the architect with Design Boom.

The isolated setting of this restaurant helps visitors explore their relationship with farm and dining versus surrounding and space. To make the most of Islandic panoramas, the designer breaks down the beauty by framing them individually, allowing visitors to take in each natural wonder separately. No distractions or external stimulus takes away from the surreal experience of being present in the moment and a fantastic place like Iceland. The basic rectangular restaurant sits on the ground. Visitors take pathways around the Greenhouse to access four main areas- The Cube (Entrance), The Cone (Multipurpose Space), The Cuboid (Restaurant) & The Tetrahedron (Lounge Bar).

Design Boom shared, ‘Instead of replicating the natural environment and trying to compete, the structure complements and highlights its characteristics by adopting basic geometries to eliminate unnecessary attention while acting as a backdrop that frames the views and elevates the immersive ambiance: a round aperture frames the shapeless sky; a triangular opening dramatizes the mountainous landscape and Hverfjall; a rectangular portal captures the panoramic view of shimmering Lake Mývatn and the plain faraway, reflecting it up close,’ elaborates Teow. If this restaurant ever becomes a reality, I know where I will eat the best meal of my life.

[Via: Designboom]

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