This underwater winery in Croatia deposits wine bottles in the Adriatic sea for two years

‘I love my wine so much, ill dive into the deep, very deep, blue sea for it’ is a statement that does not impress anyone who has read this article. For someone who believes adventure feeds the soul needs to read this very carefully. Croatia’s Edivo Winery are making its wines extra special and unique thanks to the Adriatic sea and some age-old methods; so it shouldn’t come as a surprise when divers in the bay of Mali Ston come out with a bottle of Navis Mysterium Wine. What makes this adventure even more special for customers is a chance to do it themselves. As long as you have your diving license you can make the most of this and acquire a bottle of red with your own hands. According to the diving instructor Mislav Cupek, the activity is fairly recent, having started about three years ago. “It’s very popular with Americans – they come over here and for them it’s such a big novelty. People tend to integrate the dive into their honeymoon. This is like a romantic getaway from the outside world.”

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The bay of Mali Ston in Croatia will now be known for not just the oysters and mussels but another intoxicating attraction. Each year 5 000 wine bottles are deposited onto the seabed, where they age for two years. Connoisseurs say, wines that have aged in amphorae like this have a softer taste. Wine lovers can enjoy a varied selection of wines like’Navis Mysterium Amphora’, ‘Navis Mysterium Bottle’, ‘Dingač Edivo’, ‘Plavac Edivo Bottle’, and ‘Q Edivo Bottle’. I, for one can’t wait to get on the next flight to Croatia and taste this; if only I had a plane ticket and 70 euro for a bottle of premium wine. The bottles range from 70 euro to 208 euros depending on amphora used.
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