On a first Tinder date girl accidentally spends $16,000 on wine

First dates can be a lot of things; boring, interesting, spectacular, leading straight to marriage (that happens), the list can be endless. But in case of this one very unlucky girl on her first tinder date it turned out to be well, mostly expensive. And not just a little steep, it was $16000 expensive. I wonder what she would say if we asked her what the best part about your date was. Her reply would be, the fact that this news is hoax and holds no truth and I don’t have a direct debit payment of $16000 is the best part of the date that never really happened. The date was apparently held at The Shard, UK’s tallest building at 1,016ft high and filled with offices, restaurants and bars. Since the story about the £15,000 wine went viral, and the company which runs businesses at the Shard has been fielding countless calls about it. But after checking with all the vendors in the building, Real Estate Management UK (REM) says none of them were aware of any such incident.

I guess its easy to fabricate such stories involving such places and even easier to believe them as the bars and restaurants at The Shard are pricey and usually reserved for special occasions. For e.g. Aqua Shard is one of the most popular bars inside the Shard and the most expensive bottle of wine on their list is a 1990 Chateau Lafite Rothschild – worth £2,300. Other popular ones are Oblix, Ting and Hutong – the only venue where the gaffe could have happened is at Ting, where a bottle of Petrus 1998 costs £5,200.


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