A British chef creates the world’s most expensive TV dinner for $515

Quick question for the couch potatoes out there! What according to you comprises the world’s most expensive TV dinner? Sorry for interrupting Breaking Bad reruns but when a UK chef is breaking ready meal bounds, one has to sit up and take delicious notice. The answer is vintage champagne, edible gold leaf and lobster tails.

Charlie Bigham says he used only the “most exclusive ingredients.” Clearly! The decadent dish has been “crafted” using Cornish lobsters, gold crumb topping and fish poached in Dom Perignon 2003. Called the Swish Pie, it also includes white Alba truffles, Beluga caviar resting on mother-of-pearl spoons and a selection of oysters. Even the salt used to season the pricy pie has been elaborately sourced, harvested from the Piran Salt Pans in Slovenia.

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Bigham is even ensuring the extravagant pies make it to their rightful owner by having each one delivered handcuffed to a professional security guard in a bespoke aluminum case. Whoever could’ve imagined a fish pie needing security! But given the Swish’s £314.16 ($515) price tag, any food lover would agree.

And speaking of price tags, Bigham explains that the Pie’s was “inspired by Pi itself.” Once again, who’d have imagined! But the company that wanted “to take our reputation for making the finest ready meals that bit further”. “Further” could possibly be www.bighams.com, where the limited edition dish is now available in all its gold-topped glory.

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[Via – Independent]

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