5 feet tall and ridiculously cool – The inventors of the Lava lamp have just unveiled the biggest production line lava lamp in the world.

Lava lamps add a unique charm to one’s décor. Especially if they are sized as big as the Saturn lava lamp, they’re bound to make a difference to any corner they’re placed in! Made using ultra-clear borosilicate glass and hand-polished spun and laser-cut aluminum, the exclusive piece of work by Mathmos is available in a hue of colors to choose from.

The Saturn is crafted in the UK and works just like a regular small lava lamp, with no special filling or assembly required. Its metal parts are hand polished, with the cap and base being spun by hand. The lamp’s lava movement is further designed to travel, warm up in around 3 hours and work for 6 hours.

When the lamp bottle exhausts itself after approx. 2,000 hours, users can simply buy a new one by sending the old bottle back in for credits. Its 120w R7s 78mm Linear Halogen Capsule bulb too can be replaced as and when needed.

Ideal for gifting purposes, the Saturn comes in two boxes and an insert complete with an instruction book. It weighs 24.7 kg in total and stands 59.84 inches high and 21.26 inches wide (with a depth of 18.90 inches). The exclusive décor piece is available in dual colorways of pink and orange, yellow and red, blue and green, white and black, and more.

Mathmos’ Saturn is made to order and will arrive at your doorstep within two weeks. It is priced at $3,348 and is currently available for sale on the brand’s official website.

[Available at Mathmos Lava lamps UK]

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