Light up your Halloween with these creepy-cool Philippe skeleton floor lamps by Zia Priven

It’s almost time for Halloween or as I like to call it, the time for ghoul fashion. This time of the year, monsters are not only appropriate but most welcome! But in scouting for that perfect monster costume, guess what we came across! A bunch of charming life size skeletons, only in this case, dressed as lamps!

philippe-lamp-zia-priven-2Emmy-nominated husband-wife duo Marcia Zia and Paul Priven’s latest creative attempt involves stunning skeletons (yes, that’s right) with lampshades for heads. Think silver, bronze or ‘natural’ white frames topped with a black or white shade.

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philippe-lamp-zia-priven-3The Zia Priven skeletons have been set on stands such that they, each strike a pose. And the light falling from the top is perfect to illuminate their re-positioned bones. Safe to say, these easily help skip the pumpkin mutilation. And for those who’d like to keep the ‘spirit’ alive all year round, add some serious creepy-cool to their living room.

[Via – Trendir]

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