The Cloud: An awesome interactive lamp that brings a thunderstorm to your living room

You might remember that a couple of years back a Dutch artist named Berndnaut Smilde showed the world how to create a real cloud indoors. Now how cool was that! Though it is insanely difficult to create clouds inside a closed environment as it takes complete control over humidity and temperature inside the room, but just in case you want one, now you can have an indoor cloud that not only looks cool but booms like a thunder cloud. Multidisciplinary designer Richard Clarkson known for experimenting with products, lights, and furniture to make awesome creations has introduced another brilliant product named Cloud. It is an interactive indoor light that is shaped like a cumulus cloud that simulates a thunderstorm both in light and sound based on external input from either a remote control or motion sensors.

The Cloud is replete with lights, motion sensors, microphones, and a powerful speaker system. The remote control that comes with it allows user to set it to different modes, like getting it to act like a simple thunder cloud, respond to movements in its surroundings, or simply respond to sounds or music that it hears around it. The price you ask? You’ll have to shell out $3,360 to buy this amazing thunder cloud light.

[Available at Richard-Clarkson]

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