A $26,000 chair that defies gravity.. and it is extremely comfortable

While the modern world has re-defined comfort for us in many ways, Dr David Wicket’s recent luxury invention is bound to leave you spellbound. Ten years of tumultuous research in bioengineering and innovative thinking has led to the creation of this hi-tech chair that not only stimulates weightlessness but also allows body postures to be controlled by mere hand gestures.

Conceptualized and built by DavidHugh Ltd, this classy seat named ‘Elysium’ is the end result of well-thought technique and structured engineering. The chair with it six roller bearings and one linear bearing connect the user with the environment, resulting in frictionless continuous balance. Further, the design includes a variety of robust and supple foams that offer an optimum balance and pressure control. Elysium’s patented frictionless technology creates a linear horizontal path for the body’s gravity center that evenly balances out one’s body. With the use of floatation theory, the chair improves blood circulation, relieves heart pressure, and also supports spine and back muscles.
The brand in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen will introduce a launch edition of 20 chairs for the public, with a price tag of $26,000 each. Apart from the aluminum mechanisms and the stitched leatherwork, each chair will be engraved with the words “David Hugh Launch Edition” on a gold panel. In a pre-launch scheme, it will also be put on display at the brand’s flagship store in Knightsbridge, London. With advanced engineering catering to the very best in comfort, ‘Rest’ is surely assured with this one!

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