A sane space: Boano Prišmontas’s modular work-from-home pod comes completely customizable and easier to assemble than IKEA furniture

So one thing is clear, COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon and neither are you! Being stuck at home and managing our work-life balance has been more taxing than anticipated. Try completing a zoom call without any interruption or the constant playing of ‘let it go’ in the background in your brain. These are only a few of the problems posed on a daily basis more so for those with kids in their lives. while you can’t (and shouldn’t) throw them out, you can surely excuse yourself for a few working hours thanks to London-based design studio Boano Prišmontas who have built a prefabricated timber home office that is standing sturdy in your backyard within a day. This seems like just the thing the doctor ordered to maintain sanities and peace in families without compromising on your professional commitments. With the increased number of people working from home due to coronavirus, a modular pod is an absolute blessing. Called ‘My Room in the Garden’, this modular pod provides external dedicated office space for people now working from home on a regular basis sans the disruptions.

Made from modular prefabricated timber these pods are completely customizable and can fit in whatever extra space you have outdoors be it gardens, alleyways alongside homes, or even on rooftops. The smallest office has an area of 1.8 meters by 2.4 meters and stands 2.5 meters tall, which is the highest a structure can be in the UK without requiring planning permission. You can pick and choose from a host of different finishes for the walls such as peg wall, mirror, plain or decorated wood, etc., and also go a bit chicer by incorporating insulated wall/roof/floor panels and glass door/windows.

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Boano Prišmontas co-founder Tomaso Boano says, “My Room in the Garden is not an insulated container with windows, It is also not a garden shed you buy in a hardware store. What we created is a modular and customizable system of elements that – based on the size of available space – create a pleasant and comfortable enclosure within the household. I imagine this work-from-home pod is great as a work station by day and a relaxation center by evening. A great space to catch up on that new book or just let loose and listen to a playlist! All you need is an Allen key and drill and the place is set up; easier than putting together your IKEA furniture.

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