Bring home this Bugatti Veyron desk and show off your passion for cars

If you looking to give your mundane office a funky makeover that also echoes your passion for fast cars, here’s an auto-inspires desk that will bring an ear-to-ear wide smile on your face. Behold the Bugatti Veyron desk, a designer furniture item inspired by the world’s fastest car. The Bugatti Veyron desk is sold by a company named ‘Design Epicentrum’. It’s the same company that came up with the Lamborghini Murchielago desk a couple of years back.

jpgmalyplik1Very little information is available on this high-end designer desk; however, judging by the pictures, it appears to be a replica of the initial variant of the high performance car. The Bugatti Veyron desk is priced at $22,800, which includes worldwide shipping cost, and it is available in variety of colors including orange, blue, gold-white and more.



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