Simply Amazing – Violin shaped custom designed swimming pool

Music connoisseur and violin amateur? With a penchant for having a violin shaped pool? You can have it. Or so the creative folks at Cipriano Landscape Design will tell you! The reason I can guarantee you this is because that’s what they said to a customer in Bedford, New York who is both the above and a lover of the Stradivarius Violin, now the shape of his pool.

Inculcating the entire violin’s attributes including purl flings, f-holes, a bridge, a tailpiece, a chinrest and strings, it has an aesthetic that can be admired up close and from a distance. If, however, you were to be at a distance, you won’t miss the surrounding landscaping and its strolling paths that have been incorporated into the overall design. Or the shimmering tiles from within the pool against the natural shades of the dolomitic limestone decking.

When he heard about the exact pool-replica of the Stradivarius violin being a possibility, the client began discussions with designers. That is easier discussed than done though, I’m guessing. Because with all its details and intricacies, the resulting plan was one of the most complex pool designs and installations. Add to that elements of custom tile work and LED lighting and its status was elevated from ‘simply personalized’ and ‘intricately designed’ to a state-of-the-art creation.

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Speaking of which, independent LED lighting illuminates the chin rest of the ‘violin’ ingeniously crafted into an overflow spa for 12 persons. As it does the 4 violin strings running down the middle. 5760 strands of fiber optic lighting create lap lanes for swimmers while an installed Riverflow jet system is capable of creating a 2000-gallon a minute current. Also created are two koi ponds, outfitted with 250 fiber optic starlights for a stunning light show in the late evening. They intersect the neck of the violin via two transparent acrylic panels, allowing their fish to be visible to those swimming.

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But even that isn’t quite it when we talk of elements. The pool comes equipped with wireless technology and an underwater audio system for the music junkies that cant do without it, not even when swimming. And a 1,000,000 BTU heater! Just think, no more winters! Not in there anyway. And not on the patio either as it is outfitted with a radiant heating system! It connects the pool to the home for continuous entertaining and features a fully furnished outdoor kitchen and bar that is even outfitted with a television.

Composed of steel and stone, the outdoor kitchen comes kited with all the amenities of any great indoor kitchen. While its large TV, centered on a hydraulic lift can be lowered into the ground when not in use for weather protection. In that case, there is lush landscaping to look at with a rhythmic effect that “abstractly represents the various flows of musical movement.”


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