Diamond studded teapot is a part of Silver of the Stars collection

What is Silver of the Stars? It is an exhibition that travels all over the globe to showcase the best in Scottish Arts with innovative silver designs and the witty stories behind the pieces from the imaginations of our celebrities, including Sir Sean Connery, Billy Connolly, and Ewan McGregor. It unites ten world-renowned Scottish celebrities from film, fashion, theatre, and music with ten of Scotland’s finest contemporary silversmiths. Each artist has designed and created innovative and modern drinking vessels chosen by their partnered celebrity in either silver or gold based on the theme “A Drink with a Close Friend.” And it’s Sharleen Spiteri’s Teapot and Cups that caught my attention. This lead singer, guitarist, and keyboard player for a Texas band flaunts a silver and gilt fringed diamond studded teapot with a chunky handle. While my favorite, ex-007 agent, Sir Sean Connery, shares one of Scotland’s finest malt whiskies from a glorious silver Quaich. If you are thirsty to know more about the celebrities and their designs for “A Drink with a Close Friend,” then read here.

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