Diamond studded mosaic art from Gemstone Creative for $750,000 and more

Though mosaic art isn’t novel to human civilization, changing times have also changed the material used to create an outstanding mosaic masterpiece. If you are looking for a special bit of mosaic art to brighten your home then Gemstone Creative is at your service. The company has mastered the art to recreate any image in to a dazzling bejeweled portrait. By using thousands of semi-precious and precious stones like diamonds, sapphires, amethysts and setting them in 18ct Gold, a bespoken piece of artwork is created. Each piece is exclusive and inimitable, alike only to itself. Though the price varies according to the client’s taste, it is known that diamond studded mosaic art starts from $750,000 onwards. If sapphire is your favored stone then gear up to shell out at least $150,000. While the Swarovski and other semi-precious stone art work is more affordable, ranging from $3,000-$35,000.
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So if you have a picture or a photograph that you believe would make a gorgeous mosaic artwork, then you got to contact Gemstone Creative. I am sure some MJ fan will grab this opportunity to bring him to life in an inspiring mosaic of gemstone artistry.
Thanks Mark

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