From D&G to Versace – These designer accessories will completely transform your kitchen

A house is nothing but walls until you turn it into a home. Who doesn’t have childhood memories with family around a large kitchen, a warm stove, a simmering pot, and a mom or dad in an apron?

Times may have advanced, decors and appliances may have modernized, but the kitchen still rules like an eternal monarch of any home. Ask anyone, it is the most utilized area of any dwelling and demands special attention and top-notch appliances.

A designer kitchen is a testament of good taste, and we don’t mean that just gastronomically. While some people try too hard and fill the space up with colors, wall hangings, refrigerators chock-a-block with magnets, our suggestion says ‘less is more.’

Go for a sleek and avant-garde kitchen by keeping it uncluttered and sharp with the following appliances. It will effortlessly add the word ‘tasteful’ to the description of your kitchen:

Dolce and Gabbana Appliances:
A white kitchen with any or all of these D&G Appliances is what a dream kitchen looks like. The collection is a collaborative work of Dolce & Gabbana and Smeg, joining creative forces to amp up your space.

The appliances look like artwork inspired by Italy with bold red and orange patterns, blue-and-white iteration inspired by Maiolica ceramic pottery. The eclectic collection of toasters, coffee machines, fridges, and blenders brings a plethora of Sicilian patterns and designs to your home.

Porsche Knife:
Porsche has our attention with their latest offering, a super sleek, sharp-looking, stainless steel knife made with seamless perfection. When talking about Porsche, optimal performance and effortless precision in the kitchen is a given. The ergonomic handle makes the knives comfortable to hold, and it comprises high-quality Japanese stainless steel for lasting durability.

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Porsche knives are an investment, so you need to take good care of them and one of the most important things is storing them properly. You don’t want to store them in a drawer or in a knife block because the blade will get damaged. Magnetic knife holders are the perfect solution for this. Using a magnetic knife holder is an excellent way to show off your knives, and you get to protect the edges as well.

Magnetic knife bars are convenient for storage, as they can handle any size or weight. The heavy-duty magnet ensures a secure hold, so don’t worry about your Porsche knives falling and getting damaged in the process.

Smeg Disney fridge:
This one is undoubtedly going on our Christmas gift list! We can’t thank Smeg enough for doing this by teaming up with the world-favorite Disney to create a limited edition commemorative fridge.

The $2800 refrigerators are a celebration of Smeg and Mickey Mouse anniversaries. The companies are celebrating their 70th and 90th anniversaries, respectively.

The Fab28 refrigerator incorporates different elements from both Mickey Mouse and Smeg. The Mickey Mouse drawing, for example, is representative of the former. It brings up a fun element to the design, which is a departure from what you will usually find on the market.

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What we really like are the three adjustable glass shelves. It also comes with a glass cover, freezer compartment and ice tray, and extra drawers. The retro-looking fridge is modern with an energy-saving mode and a Life Plus drawer inside to keep things extra cool.

Versace x Rosenthal Porcelain Ware:
Do you remember JLo strutting the face of the planet in a jungle print Versace dress like an absolute star? Now imagine that grandeur, design, and sass on a plate. Of course, it won’t be possible for porcelain ware to ever compare to JLos splendor.

The Versace and Rosenthal’s Jungle print porcelain collection will allow you to stock up on dinner plates, a vase, a square bowl, a scented candle for that romantic dinner, and an ashtray. Every item comes from the finest porcelain using a transfer printing technique.

Induction Cooktop from Bosch:
Induction cooktops work well because they take up very little service space. The induction cooktop from Bosch features an attractive space-edge look. You get up to 17 heat levels with the digital touch controls. The timer will also ensure you don’t have to worry about constantly monitoring your food. Once your food is ready, the cooktop will automatically switch itself off.

Bring a modern, classic look to your kitchen with some of the appliances we have highlighted above. Go ahead, splurge a little and turn your kitchen into a design dream.

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