This $500k 24 carat gold Skull Armchair is perfect for Donald Trump

Who said that everything that sails into the world of luxury and is covered in gold, needs to be very exquisite? You can have your share of bad-ass billionaire-ness as well. Take this Skull Armchair for instance. The 24 carat gold throne can be a fashion statement in itself as it not only contains a criminally comfortable nestling area but also has all its design at the back. This means that you need to face the other way to converse with your evil companions, thus showing them your back, which makes it even more evil a proposition.

The seating sure looks comfortable from here. It comes in black luxury velvet that forms a striking contrast against the gold.
The structure of the chair is dominated by reinforced fiberglass while the internal frame is built from steel. The idea of a 24 carat gold piece of furniture is very exciting. The chair is handmade and handcrafted in Paris, which makes it even more valuable. This one would fit comfortably into the home of Dr. Evil or any of those mythical demigods from the Norse mythology.
Of course, not every God will have $500,000 to splurge on an indulgence such as this. If not gods it sure does look something perfect for the eccentric Donald Trump to sit on this and talk about his glorious vision for the US of A.

[ Available at : Harow ]

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