Houseboats are passé, meet the new floating Smart House

A London based company called EcoFloLife has just created an amazing eco-friendly, luxury floating home. Christened the WaterNest, the residential 100 sq. m pod is a pebble shaped buoyant construction crafted from materials like repurposed aluminum and laminated reclaimed wood. Amazingly, the house is 98% recyclable and yet offers all the comforts of a luxury home.

water-nest-2Balconies located on the sides, flood the interior with natural light. The impact and corrosion resistant exterior requires little to no maintenance while the interior boasts leak-proof teak floors capable of weathering varying temperatures, heavy humidity and high salinity. The DuPont™ Corian® kitchen and bathroom surfaces are resistant to mold and bacteria.

water-nest-3Along with kitchen and bathroom skylights, the roof features 60 sq. m of amorphous photovoltaic panels which can generate 4 kWp of power to sustain the needs of the unit which also uses domotic technology that allows the residents to control the inner workings of the unit (including its temperature, lighting and sound and entertainment systems). This tech also enables the owners to monitor the household’s electricity and water consumption all with just one keypad.

water-nest-4An automated alarm system (manageable via smartphone) alerts owners in case of intrusions, gas and water leaks, power cuts, also allowing them to remotely observe every room of the house through closed TV circuit cameras.

water-nest-5The icing on the cake is that the Waternest is highly customizable meaning that while the prototype includes a living room, dining area, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, owners can choose a different configuration of rooms as per their needs.

water-nest-6This Smart House has a starting price of €500,000 for the 60-square-meter unit (around $560,000) while the 100-square-meter pod costs €800,000 (around $896,000). Larger models can be customized for higher budgets.


[Via – Forbes]

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