Video – Watch a brand new $3.5 million Bugatti Chiron Sport get delivered in London by a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen

Taking delivery of a brand new car is an exciting event just about every car owner cherishes. However, it strangely becomes interesting to even strangers who have got nothing to do with it when the car being delivered is a rare exotic. After all, there are countless YouTube channels that have raked in millions of subscribers and views by posting videos of it. One such recently-posted video on YouTube that caught our attention shows a stunning Bugatti Chiron being delivered at a well-known shopping mall in London. The logo on the trailer delivering the Bugatti is that of AAA Classics – a Netherlands-based company that specializes in transporting ultra-high-end cars. And what might suspire you is that the trailer is towed by a previous-gen Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen. A G-WAGEN!

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The Bugatti that can be seen being delivered is a Chiron Sport – a driver-focused, lighter version of the standard Chiron that came out in 2018. The distinguishing feature of the Chiron Sport is the horseshoe grille that is painted with the number ‘16’ as a tribute to the hypercar’s massive W16 engine. It has a starting price of $3.5 million is said to be faster by 5 seconds around Nardo’s handling circuit than the standard model. The YouTube video doesn’t reveal much about the car or its owner. The second half of the video shows the car being maneuvered through the mall’s underground parking to be taken to a detailing shop where it is eventually parked amongst other supercars.

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[Via: Motor 1]

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