Carbon Fiber work desk from John & Table ups the ante of any workplace

While car-inspired worktops may be no new feat for manufacturers, case in point, the Chevrolet Corvette inspired work desk, what’s news is desks coming into their race-y own, borrowing but the design of sports vehicles. Again, case in point, John & Table’s ‘Race’ desks. The luxury brand has brandished a sports car favorite, carbon fiber onto their desks. So now, thanks to them, furniture no longer needs to resemble a car-desk hybrid to exude the same kind of excellence.

John & Table have crafted the Race in black carbon fiber with leather and Alcantara accents. What’s even more incredible is that the desk does not require a center support beam owing to the extraordinary technical properties of carbon fiber and its innovative method of construction.

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The table is further glamorized by a high gloss finish with high-end carnauba wax on the black carbon fiber tabletop. It even features other exclusive details like a personally engraved plate, hand-sewn accessories and premium drawer inlays.

And if that weren’t enough, John & Table’s ‘NO LIMITS’ service allows the customer to completely customize his/her Race, from stitching, embroidery and embossing to materials and special paints. Hand-manufactured in Germany, this is a magnificent addition to any office space and priced at $53,000.

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