Pininfarina and Snaidero OLA 25 Ferrari Kitchen, lets you share your love for a good kitchen and a Ferrari

This may be no world’s most expensive kitchen. But the limited edition OLA 25 Ferrari Kitchen by Pininfarina and Snaidero truly has the Ferrari of island worktops. With carbon fiber and a dynamic collaboration behind it, the iconic model is a sensual red, curvilinear creation for connoisseurs.

Brimming with the values of Snaidero and Pininfarina, OLA 25 celebrates 25 years of close cooperation between the Italian kitchen company and the “Pininfarina Design House”. But what it also does is boast Ferrari’s unmistakable “metallic red 458 lacquer”. The worktop is glass with a gloss finish but the support of the peninsula is the auto favorite, carbon fiber.

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Inspired by the concept car Sergio, the kitchen is a never-before-seen futuristic and provocative interpretation in 84 unique components. This also means it can be customized to suit the taste of the buyer. Speaking of, it even comes in black and white colors. Frankly, we’re fine with anything as long as we can have that sophisticated peninsula plan drive us from chopping to skilleting to braising and back, over and over.

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