Make way for Samsung AirDresser, a $1,500 magic cleaning wardrobe that will automatically clean and iron your clothes

Samsung is on a roll to make its consumer’s lives as full of tech and ease as they possibly can. Their latest contraption, the ‘AirDresser,’ looks like a sci-fi device right out of a movie (many Millenials would call this movie a fairytale considering how easy this will make life). Your wardrobe will feel jumpy in comparison to this laundry tech that puts a smart steamer in your closet to effortlessly straighten your clothes along with JetSteam and Jet Air systems. I can’t help but think of my husband here; the Air Dresser would be the best gift for him and his ilk, the persnickety and orderly space that only desires clothing that’s regularly steamed, ironed, or dry cleaned. The Air Dresser resembles a sleek, fancy refrigerator and defies all norms of traditional laundry; it makes next to no noise, does not use detergent, and certainly leaves your clothes pristine clean, and well-ironed, rid of things like sweat and smoke smells. Going by what Samsung claims, the device is so quiet you can place it in your room. The magic cleaning wardrobe consists of three “Air Hangers,” a “Jet Air” system to loosen and remove dust, JetSteam to kill off bacteria, viruses, and allergens.

The Air Dresser is well equipped to break down odor-causing particles with a deodorizing filter for those worried about sweat, tobacco, and food smells. The Air Dresser is low-maintenance with a self-cleaning process that dehumidifies and sanitizes it. Lastly, it’ll act as a dehumidifier for the room. Samsung AirDresser will be available this April with prices starting at $1,400.

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