Belgian artist builds a Mercedes Benz V12 engine using bone, copper and more

Every motoring enthusiast is guaranteed to be smitten by the beauty of V12 engines. But what if the V12 is actually a piece of art rather than a powertain? Eric van Hove, a master craftsman from Belgium, hand-built a V12 engine based on a Mercedes Benz motor, using 53 different materials including bone, copper, and different types of wood. Eric took on the project after getting the Cda-project grant and went to Morocco to make the mater piece.

Moroccan artistry is known for its fine detail work; Eric took the help of 35 highly skilled Moroccan craftsmen to build the V12 Laraki up to the finest details. Every single component was dismantled from the Mercedes Benz engine and reproduced; around 465 parts were made, and 660 bolts were cast out of copper. It took 9 months in total to build this amazing piece of art.






[Via – Emercedesbenz]

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