MotoArt Jumbo Jet conference table is shaped out of Boeing 747’s engine

Is your office space missing something? Want to give it an upgrade? As always, MotoArt’s here to the rescue with its new artistic furniture expression, a table that resembles an airplane propeller. The brand’s newest piece has been made from Boeing 747’s General Electric engine nacelle. Featuring 12’ in width, this high-mirror polished table comfortably seats up to 12 people. For increased convenience, the table also has six pop-up connection ports. At the center is a custom-fabricated engine stator, which can be set with an internal LED lighting in a color of your choice, and topped with a B-52 engine spinner. MotoArt’s Jumbo Jet Conference Table has the potential to propel you to purchase.

This conference table has been inspired by the beauty and enormity of the iconic Boeing 747, popularly known as the Jumbo Jet. One look at the table and it feels like it could take off any moment.

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MotoArt has also earlier produced a number of airplane inspired furniture pieces such as the aircraft fuselage bench, KC-97 Fuel Cradle Table and Sleep tight Cargo Bed.

Update –
The MotoArt Jumbo Jet conference table is priced between $35,000 and $40,000 depending on the options.


[Via – Motoart]

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