Re-discover the familiar tranquility of an Aman spa right in your home with the Aman Spa Candles

Aman Resorts International is a luxury hotel group that offers the world a parallel universe of relief, rest, and rejuvenation not found elsewhere. With these 32 destinations in as many as 20 countries, Aman Resorts offers its guests the opportunity to seek transformative experiences in breathtaking locations, and now you can take a piece of that milieu home as well. Whether it’s a memory of a relaxed vacation in a jungle, or desert or countryside, Aman will now enthrall guests the world over with the launch of Aman Spa Candles. They first took the concept of wellness beyond the four walls with the arrival of Aman Skincare’s new brand, SVA, a range of holistic formulas and supplements. A new partner is joining the lifestyle journey and is called Aman Spa Candles. Taking inspiration from Aman spas, the inaugural range features a mesmerizing range of 220g scented candles that follow the Grounding, Purifying, and Nourishing pathways. ‘Grounding Spa Candle’ lends smoothness with ginger notes, and the heart of jasmine adds an unmatched calmness.

The ‘Nourishing Spa Candle’ offers comfort and adds a soothing touch to any ambiance with top notes of bergamot. Floral layers of rose and geranium create a refreshing scent in ‘Purifying Spa Candle’ that energizes and uplift like no other. These jet-black candles have a total burn time of approximately 40 hours and comprise a combination of natural and mineral waxes. The entire Aman Spa Candles range is available for purchase online at the Aman Shop and in all Aman Spas and the boutiques at every Aman property.

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