Richard Branson launches the ‘hotel bed of the future’

When a visionary like Richard Branson speaks of a new idea, the world listens. And this time he’s brought us a new hotel bed – one that promises to boost business traveler productivity. Just what the weary, hard-working business man needs!

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The hotel bed of the future, Virgin Hotel’s latest patent is multi-functional and involves cubbies. Also known as a ‘Lounge Bed,’ the company rolled them out first in its Chicago hotel in January, this year with plans to include it in half a dozen future locations in the next several years.

So what makes this bed special? Branson has put in place three crucial concepts to ensure business men who tend to bring work home /hotel room, continue to work comfortably. These include:

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1. Ergonomics: The Lounge Bed comes with a soft, padded headboard designed with a 120 degree pitch, which can be reclined to help them sit back and work easily with their laptop propped up on their knees. The bed also prevents guests’ heads from hitting the wall when reclined.

2. Multi-functional: Your bed is no longer restricted to sleeping and working, but allows for some socializing too. The Lounge Bed comes with two “cubby holes” at the either end of the headboard and a third at the front corner, which allows three people to sit on the bed comfortably – making it ideal for some late-night gossip sessions to. The front corner is extra supportive, which means the mattress doesn’t sink when a third person uses it as a seat.

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3. Tech-friendly: The bed also provides multiple electrical sockets that will allow guests to conveniently charge their devices. Virgin Hotels’ mobile app specifically for guests who want to change the thermostat or order room service without moving, further adds to this feature.

With so much convenience at hand, guests really never have to leave the bed if they don’t want to! Are you thinking ‘just what we need at home’? Well, the company have already several requests from guests and employees who want to purchase the bed for their homes that they have decided to offer the bed for sale, starting December.

Happy days and nights and long, lazy weekends are here!

[ Via : Inc ]

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