The gift of peaceful sleep: Hästens marks its 170th birthday with the $36,000 drēmər mattress

Money can’t buy you everything, but it can buy you some great sleep. Family-run Swedish luxury mattress brand Hästens is celebrating its 170th anniversary, but the gift is yours, and it’s excellent sleep! After giving the world of dreamers the gift of sleep for over a century, the premium mattress brand is marking the special occasion with the drēmər bed. The latest offering amalgamates the finest natural materials and six generations of craftsmanship with the creativity of world-renowned designer Ferris Rafauli.

The Hästens masterpiece is completed with a luxe velvet drēmər headboard. The statement addition to any room flaunts a refined piping and corner panel detailing fabricated with paramount precision from master artisans. Rafauli is also known for creating the gorgeous ‘Grand Vividus’ model, which boasts hand-stitched with high-quality materials including burnished leather, suede, and metal. The first person to lay on this stunning bed was none other than Hotline-bling singer Drake who spent a staggering $400,000 to sleep like a baby.

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The drēmər bed was meticulously handcrafted, demanding more than 300 hours at Santa’s workshop in Köping, Sweden. A woven checkerboard fabric upholsters the mattress that will come in hues like traditional Blue, Black Shadow, Natural Shale, and Phantom Charcoal. The drēmər bed is entirely customizable and comes in standard and bespoke sizes for $36,000.

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