This bike storage solution instantly transforms your bicycle into an ‘object of art’

People spend an insane amount of money on parking lots. A space big enough for just one car was sold for $1.3 million in Hong Kong. Why can’t the same principle be applied to bicycles? Not of sky-high prices but of getting a dedicated space for bikes? The answer lies in the superb-looking Domus R3 Bike Storage that effortlessly does the above without asking for ten times the bike’s price for storage space. Italian company Vadolibero has designed a gorgeous bike rack for cycling enthusiasts who willingly drop thousands of dollars on their bicycle and riding gear with no option to store them well.

With their latest offering, not only does the Domus R3 bike storage take care of your bike, it single-handedly revolutionizes the traditional bike storage systems. Vadolibero offers pieces of furniture that serve as indoor bike storage done up to resemble a high-end decor collection. Domus R3 comes with a solid wood frame, a handlebar-inspired clothing rack, as well as a set of cubbies for stashing your essentials. The clothes rack is a 240 cm long rod, made of satin stainless steel, provided with a LED strip that you can dim with the touch sensor.

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This great-looking piece of designer furniture takes the bike display to a whole new level while doubling as a room divider. It’s modern and modular, so should you need more storage, there is an accompanying freestanding side unit for more storage space and even a Mag unit. The cabinet also has six solid wood pegs that can be used to hang all types of accessories. The unit comes with a regenerated leather mat on the base that shields the structure from stains and scratches.

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The Domus R3 can easily accommodate every bicycle and comes in four finishes: natural oak, dark brown oak, black oak, and Canaletto walnut. The Domus R3 stands 79 inches tall with a depth of 24 inches and a $6,500 price tag.

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