Thonet bike with no brakes is made from bent wood for $69,000

When London based architect Andy Martin crossed paths with Thonet, a furniture company, the two of them decided to create a unique bicycle by combining the architect’s design prowess with Thonet’s years of experience in steam bending. The Thonet bicycles are made by steam bending beech wood that looks modern and yet aesthetically simple. Thonet developed the steam bending process back in the ‘30s and today the contours of the body are cut using CNC machines after which they are reinforced with connectors and spring rods.

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With Carbon fiber HED H3, the bike is extremely lightweight and smooth. Although the bike lacks brakes, it is available with several interchangeable gear ratios. Only limited pieces of this bike are available from Andy Martin’s site for $69,000 (£43,000).