This gorgeous Sao Paulo penthouse has an all-glass rooftop swimming pool that filters sunlight indoors

Light is the magical ingredient that can single-handedly make or break a space. Whether it is mood lighting in a futuristic smart bathtub by Kohler or the ultra-cool lighting elements inside the cabin of 2021 , Mercedes-Benz S-Class, the experience of a great ambiance is only created with the help of lights. Similarly, architects Rogério Gurgel and Caio D’alfonso have given an upscale and spacious home located in Itaim neighborhood in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a unique makeover involving an all-glass rooftop swimming pool. This addition serves as the core element of the interior, making for an individual, distinctive design. Not only is it a luxe addition to the super stylish revamped home, but it also plays an integral role in the creation of visual dynamics that heavily contribute to making the space look avant-garde with perpetual mood-lighting, almost like the environment is living right in their living room. The designs have chosen colors, materials, and textures that amalgamate to create a harmonious interior with the effects of the light filtered through the pool. It’s fascinating to see the magic unfold as the pool filters the light in a gentle way while instigating the visitor’s curiosity about the upper floor. Waking up to retractable roofs is also becoming commonplace. Still, the base of an all-glass pool replacing the ceiling while adding so much charisma to the interiors is pretty novel.

The furniture is deliberately chosen in neutral tones and the rug in different shades of green to augment the remarkable atmosphere under the pool. On the upper floor, next to the pool, lies the lavatory that stands out thanks to extravagant red Rosso Lepanto marble counter, custom-made in a floating steel structure designed by Rogério Gurgel and Caio D’alfonso themselves.

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[Via: Designboom]

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